Carbo4Power present at the JEC2024 – 5-7 March 2024

The Carbo4Power Project will be represented at the JEC 2024, taking place in Paris on the 5-7 March, by the partners IRT Jules Verne (Hall 6-Q82). AIMEN, CIDETEC (H6-H108) and the project coordinator NTUA (H6-K90).

The partner IRT JV will be presenting the half blade root of the D12 demo in their exhibition booth.

Carbo4Power at the 2nd Conference of Advanced Materials 13-15 Nov 2023

ITAINNOVA will represent the Carbo4Power Project at the 2nd edition of the Advanced Materials in Spain, which will take place in Zaragoza from November 13 to 15, 2023. They will give an elevator pitch and poster presentation related to the work of ITAINNOVA and NTUA in the Carbo4Power about adhesives modification with MNPs. For more information on this event, visit this link.

Carbo4Power will be present at the Meeting for Composite Materials – 15-16 Nov 2023

IRT Jules Verne will represent the Carbo4Power Project at the BtoB Meetings for Composite Materials, taking place in Nantes on the 15-16 November 2023.

IRT will present its activities through the manufacturing of demonstrators with 3R resin and automated lay-up process. For more information on this event, please visit their website at this link.

Carbo4Power represented at the Antifouling Conference – Sweeden

The Carbo4Power partner Fraunhofer IFAM, will represent the project at this year’s Antifouling Conference taking place in Gothenburg (Sweden) from 12th to 14th September, 2023. They will give a presentation entitled “Eco-friendly non-biocidal fouling control coatings for optimized efficiency of tidal energy converters”. This is an international, scientific conference on marine biofouling and antifouling solutions.

For more information on this conference, please visit the conference website at this link.

Carbo4Power at the E-LASS -#17 – 3-4 May 2023